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GSWH-2 by


New Digital
User Control

Instant and Continuous Hot Water for your 
Caravan or Motorhome

Just Like Home!

  • How does the GSWH-2 detect failures?
    The Controller Module will detect failures, and the specific cause will be indicated by an Error Code on the User Control Panel display.
  • How often should I inspect the GSWH-2 water heater?
    Inspect the water heater monthly and have it checked by a authorized technician at least once a year.
  • What should I check during a routine inspection?
    Inspect the seals, ensure air inlet openings are clear, check the Flue Outlet Tube for obstructions, and verify no debris is inside the unit. Regularly inspect the unit's wiring, connections, and combustion areas.
  • How do I inspect the burner flame?
    Inspect the seals, ensure air inlet openings are clear, check the Flue Outlet Tube for obstructions, and verify no debris is inside the unit. Regularly inspect the unit's wiring, connections, and combustion areas.
  • What should I do if I need service for my GSWH-2 water heater?
    Contact Australian RV for more information from out authorized technicians.
  • Power Supply Check
    While it may seem basic, please ensure the unit is powered on and confirm there's a stable 12V connection.
  • Water Supply Check
    The RV's cold water system sources its water from a pressurized source, either a shore connection or an RV water pump connected to the RV's fresh water storage tank. This source should maintain a pressure of 45 psi or greater. Please note: A continuous, non-pulsating water flow is essential for consistent temperature and optimal performance.
  • Gas Supply Check
    Ensure there's a sufficient amount of gas in the gas bottle. While your stove may still operate, it doesn't necessarily mean there's enough gas for your hot water service. The hot water service requires 42,000 BTUs, while the stove only needs 12,000 BTUs. *BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Think of it as the power or "heat strength" of an appliance. A higher BTU means it can produce more heat but requires more gas. It's a way to measure how much energy a gas appliance can provide. You can use a Gas Level Indicator or a Truma Level Check to keep an eye on your LPG levels.
  • Flow Switch Inlet & Filter Screen Check
    Ensure there's no blockage in the Flow switch inlet and the filter screen located externally at the back of the unit. Place a rag underneath the brass fitting at the back of the unit. Unscrew the female tap adapter (see Image 1 for reference). Check and remove any blockages (e.g., dirt, grass) from the filter (refer to Image 2). Notes: Blockages can prevent the sensor from detecting water flow, resulting in the unit not activating or throwing an error code.
  • Water Pressure Controller/Regulator Check
    Ensure there's no blockage in the water pressure controller or regulator. Action: Remove the hose connector and clear any blockages from the filter. Notes: A blockage may cause the water temperature to significantly increase above the set temperature due to inadequate water flow. *The water pressure controller/regulator might resemble the provided image or could be a brass fitting.
  • Microprocessor Wire Check
    Ensure the wires in the microprocessor (white box) are properly connected. Remove the wires and reconnect them. You should hear a 'click' sound when they are securely in place. The blue circles indicate the connections you should examine. Additionally, we recommend conducting a visual inspection of the microprocessor to identify any potential damage.

For a comprehensive troubleshooting guide, please follow the link provided below.

Bobs Park_0.25x.jpg
When I first saw the GSWH-2, I was skeptical. But after using it for a few months, I've converted. Easy to use, efficient, and reliable. What more can you ask for?

Mitch Y, Shepperton VIC


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Australian RV Accessories was founded in 2004 by Renee and Rod Francis with the vision of addressing the specific needs of the wholesale RV market while offering customers an array of new and innovative products with a focus on superior quality.

Benefiting from Rod's extensive knowledge of the Caravan Industry, the company successfully sourced a unique tankless hot water service, distinguishing itself as a pioneer in the RV Market for offering a product that eliminates the need for an anode.

As the exclusive distributor of The Endless Hot Water and other high-quality RV Accessories, Australian RV Accessories has established an extensive network of Stockists and Service Centers across Australia, ensuring a wide and convenient availability of its products.

From our centrally located Head Office in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, we have already earned the trust and preference of some of the country's largest and most renowned Caravan and Motorhome Manufacturers and Dealers. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and top-notch products has solidified our position as the preferred supplier in the industry.

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